October 18, 2019

Colson Group Introduces New Global Corporate Identity

Rolling at the speed of life

Positioning Captures Dedication to Customer Centered Solutions

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL., October, 18, 2019—Colson Group, a global caster and wheel product company, unveiled a new corporate identity as the company continues its growth and transformation. Summarized by the tag, “Rolling at the Speed of Life,” the latest positioning was crafted to highlight the role that the organization plays in the lives of those who use their products.

“We are a solutions provider,” said Colson Group CEO Tom Blashill. “Every interaction with our customer matters. Yes, we manufacture and ship many casters, but we also create solutions that move lives and businesses forward. For example, when we create a product solution that allows a nurse to push a cart down a hallway quietly, efficiently and safely, we have done our job.”

As the largest manufacturer and distributor in the business, Colson Group operates across myriad industries to help businesses and workers move heavy machinery, delicate technology equipment, and many other solutions each day.

Blashill notes that the breadth of industry coverage at Colson Group was also a motivating factor behind the brand positioning.

“Each day of our lives has its unique mobility challenges. We have to think about ergonomics, efficiency, comfort, and safety,” he said. “We develop and engineer solutions for every industry. From your local supermarket to hospital, to the facilities that build our cars and planes, Colson Group keeps industry moving, businesses more efficient, and people happier and safer.”

Colson Group is comprised of category leading brands such as Colson, Albion, Shepherd, Jarvis, MedCaster, Revvo, and Pemco. By shipping over 50 million products across the world annually, the company sees the position as an opportunity for global messaging consistency. As CEO Blashill put it, “When someone in Europe, the U.S., or South America asks who is Colson Group, we want to have an answer. What we tell people is that Colson Group is rolling at the speed of life.”

Colson Group’s new identity will be rolled out globally throughout November 2019. A new video capturing the new identity can be found on Colson Group’s homepage (www.colsongroup.com).

About Colson Group:
Colson Group, the global leader in caster and wheel products, creates and drives solutions that move lives forward. World renowned brands provide specialized mobility for every industry and market. A leading product portfolio and proprietary global value chain delivery unparalleled efficiencies and support. With over 1,600 employees across 25 global facilities, Colson Group is committed to its customers’ success, ensuring proper products are selected or designed from the start, and always keeping the end-users’ safety, efficiency, and happiness in mind.