Colson Group Leadership

 Over 250+ Year of Industry Experience

Chief Executive Officer

30+ Years Experience
Former CEO, Edge Industrial
M.S. Engineering, Northwestern University
Robert McCormick School of Engineering
B.S. Structural Engineering, University of New York at Buffalo

Vice President of Global Product Engineering

35+ Years Experience | 25+ Years with Colson
Former VP of Operations, Colson Group USA and President Shepherd Caster Corporation
B.S., Purdue University

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer

35+ Years Experience
Previously VP HR Snap-on Tool Group
B.S. Accounting, Ill Wesleyan University, CPA.

VP Global Sourcing

16+ Years Experience | 4+ Years with Colson
Previously Sr. Project Manager EQI Ltd.
B.S., Grand Valley State University

General Manager, Colson Europe B.V.

30+ Years Experience | 20+ Years with Colson

General Manager and Finance Director, Colson UK Limited

20+ Years Experience | 5+ Years with Colson

Managing Director, EHI Australia

30+ Years Experience | 15+ Years with Colson

General Manager, Colson Group Poland

20+ Years Experience | 20+ Years with Colson

President, Colson Group Canada

35+ Years Experience | 20+ Years with Colson

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