November 8, 2016

Pemco Increases Safety with SuperKat Tensioner

Pemco Introduces SuperKat Tensioner November 2016

Pemco, a brand of Colson Group USA, which specializes in shopping cart casters, is pleased to announce the release of the SuperKat Tensioner wheel. Known for its rounded tread, the SuperKat wheel is designed to reduce flat spotting by rotating while being dragged laterally. The inclusion of the Pemco Tensioner helps reduce chances of runaway shopping carts.

Designed to provide lasting performance and safety – the SuperKat Tensioner is in-stock, at a great price, and features:

  • A high-performance natural rubber tread, specially designed to make the SuperKat resistant to flat-spotting
  • Durability, lasting 64% longer than the competition!
  • Non-marking and quiet rolling
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Built-in tensioner ring increases parking lot safety by helping hold unattended carts and reducing the risk of runaway shopping carts

Pemco SuperKat Tensioner Competition Comparison

Visit to explore the SuperKat series and to download CAD models and product datasheets for the NEW SuperKat Tensioner wheel today. A valid, free CasterPass account is required for CAD downloads.

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